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We simplify and maximise VAT recovery! A process which is otherwise complex and unpredictable.

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We offer an advanced, automated solution to more easily recover your VAT on T&E expenses.

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We provide expertise to minimise indirect tax costs for aircraft, operators and the aviation business.

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We answer your VAT questions through one local contact person. Simple and cost efficient.

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Cash Back has been in the VAT business since 1988. Our unique international network of experienced local VAT specialists makes complex foreign VAT refund simple. We use modern technology combined with our VAT expertise to achieve better results, efficiently and effectively.


Cash Back is represented in over 30 countries and has more than 25 years of VAT experience. We offer a range of corporate VAT services. Contact your local office to maximise VAT recovery with minimum effort.

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  • ".....we are pleased to confirm, that your company, United Cash Back AG (UCB), has maintained a business relationship with our bank since 2005. Furthermore we confirm that to date all transactions made through our accounts have been completed and settled to our entire satisfaction. According to latest balance sheets at our hands, we consider the financial situation as to be in good order and the management is looked upon as to be trustworthy.
    André RueschVice President Corporate & Retails Banking, Baden, Credit Suisse
  • ".....our business relationship has been ongoing since United Cash Back´s formation in 1993.....Due to the character of the business that UCB is exposed to, it is of utmost importance to operate on a serious and reliable basis. This has proven to be the case for UCB and we have never experienced any difficulties with this customer.....Tax refunds are collected on a special UCB account.....To guarantee the validity and proper authorisation of payments, all instructions are signed by the general manager and a member of the board before the bank executes the payments..... "
    Thomas GoldschmidtHead of Corporate Banking, Svenska Handelsbanken
  • "Since 2002, we have with success used the services of TVA Conseil (the Cash Back office in France) for the recovery of the foreign VAT on our travel expenses and accounts payable invoices. Based on our positive experience with the service provided by TVA Conseil we have from 2008 extended our co-operation to include all our subsidiaries in Europe and, to some degree, have developed our relationship to also cover VAT registration and compliance services according to the 6th directive."
    Alain RenoufGlobal Indirect Tax Manager - Worldwide, Delphi France