Be sure to win the vat race during the Olympic Games in South Korea

Be sure to win the vat race during the Olympic Games in South Korea


No doubt you are ready to perform your best at the Olympic Winter Games, whether you are a competitor, performer, coach, official, broadcaster, event organiser or other eligible entity. But, are you ready to recover the huge amount of VAT on your expenses incurred in relation to these Games?

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity offered by South Korea to reclaim the VAT associated with the Games. Typically, the type and quantity of services purchased in relation to the Games are extensive and therefore your costs can be quite substantial. By recovering the VAT charged on these expenses you can reduce these costs by 10%.


  • Non-resident entities & their members, executives & staff who are involved in the preparation & staging of the Games
  • Athletes, coaches, trainers, referees, technical officials etc
  • Individuals participating in the Games or performing activities related to the Games
  • The various International & National Olympic Committees
  • The Sponsors

Let Cash Back and our local expert guide you through all the legal requirements in order to maximise the recoverable VAT on your Olympic expenses in South Korea

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Eligible expenses where you can reclaim your VAT include:

  • Food & lodging
  • Advertising Services
  • Electricity & communication services
  • Broadcasting services related to
    • Construction, installation & dismantling of facilities
    • Equipment, cameras, cables & vehicles
    • Maintenance & repair services
  • Property leasing services