Automatic VAT reclaim on T&E

T-and-E-Cashback Automatic VAT reclaim on T&E

You have chosen a T&E management system to save time, money and have a better control over your travel budget. We, at Cash Back, further enhance the process by integrating your T&E management solution with our automatic VAT reclaim system for additional savings.  Our different export-import tools are adaptable to suit your system, allowing for a simple and smooth access to your documents for VAT refund treatment.  Once we have received your expense data, our VAT tech-flow starts the processing to make sure you get your foreign VAT back without any hassle.

You optimise your T&E management solution taking advantage of the potentially large savings you can generate from recovering the VAT paid on your expenses; especially considering an average VAT rate of 21% in Europe. Thanks to our automatic VAT recovery process, which connects to or receives T&E data from your ERP or travel management system, you can recover all your foreign VAT hidden in the masses of travel receipts!


The foreign VAT reclaim on travel expenses has never been as easy !

By utilizing today’s modern data technology, we have succeeded in automating much of the otherwise complex and tedious work to recover the foreign VAT on travel expenses.

We have developed flexible adaptable export-import tools providing a simple and smooth flow of your T&E data and scanned documents into our E-room for VAT refund treatment. If you have opted for paperless expense reporting, we can collect the travel reports and scanned documents directly from your travel expense management system with our connector, the T&E VAT RETRIEVER.


Once we have received your T&E data, we can start the process to claim back your foreign VAT from the different tax authorities. The big advantage for your company is that you will now get the foreign VAT back on your travel expenses without any additional administrative work, just by doing the expense reports as you normally do. We take care of the whole process from start to finish, reducing your travel costs even further by maximising your foreign VAT returns. So make the most of your travel expense management software and join our many clients who have already seized this opportunity, cashing their VAT back on travel expenses.

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Good Working Practices

Cash Back have clearly defined and measurable performance standards which are specified in their contractually binding, internal Good Working Practices.


Cash Back Online is our in-house computer program which tracks, monitors and controls all claims in the Cash Back process. It is a sophisticated system with a direct interface to the bank and client login facility. To get through the maze of countries, the services and the rates where VAT or other taxes can be recovered we have provided various summarised VAT charts.



1. Cash Back e-room

Electronic retrieval and intelligent automated sorting


2. Smart data capture

Listing VAT receipts and invoices


3. Quality Control

Claim approval by Local VAT Experts


4. Conversion & UploaD

Automated conversion to Tax Authority requirements


5. Payment

VAT Refund to Client


6. Client web portal

Real time access to all your claims in the system

Our VAT services


Simplify and maximise VAT recovery! A process which is otherwise complex and unpredictable.


We can offer you a revolutionary solution to more easily recover your VAT on T&E expenses.


We provide expertise to minimise indirect tax costs for aircraft, operators and the aviation business.


Answers your VAT questions through one local contact person. Simple and cost efficient.