Foreign VAT Reclaim

 Foreign VAT Reclaim

Subject to the different rules and VAT rates which vary from country to country, a company can recover VAT on business travel expenses including hotel night, restaurants, car rental, fuel, rail and other public transport costs.

Successfully recovering foreign VAT demands good local relations with the tax authorities as well as local VAT knowledge particularly due to constant changes in VAT legislation and tax authority processes.  Cash Back’s cooperation with VAT experts throughout Europe provides us with the close contact and VAT sense needed to maximise your VAT returns.



8th and 13th Directive VAT Chart

To get a map of the type of services which are refundable, and the VAT rates which apply in the different countries, click here for our VAT Chart. The list of services on the chart is by no means finite there can be additional refundable VAT on other service expenses as well. Please contact your local Cash Back office to check re any other services where you have been charged with VAT.

It’s a simple process for you

  • All contact is through your local Cash Back partner
  • Send in, or let our local Cash Back office retrieve on-site or electronically, all necessary documents and receipts to suit your expense systems and the tax authorities requirements for EU and non EU claims.
  • Cash Back VAT specialists prepare your claims and submit to the different foreign tax authorities
    We also do: 

    • Invoice correction when missing company name and address or needing other formal corrections
    • Recovery of wrongly charged VAT via credit note process
    • Handling of all queries arising from the tax authorities in every language
    • Resubmission for claims needing supplementary information

No foreign language or VAT knowledge is required; Cash Back handle all contacts with the authorities abroad

Cash Back notify when your claim has been refunded to your account and return any original invoices (non EU countries)
Full transparency is given through your online login and claim reports on the client web portal “MY CASH BACK” 

We respect client confidentiality throughout the process and all files, originals and other documentation are stored, returned or destroyed according to your wishes.


Client Satisfaction Rating

• 87% of our clients have been with Cash Back for 2 or more years
• 40% of our clients have been with Cash Back for 5 or more years

Good Working Practices

Cash Back have clearly defined and measurable performance standards which are specified in their contractually binding, internal Good Working Practices.


Cash Back Online is our in-house computer program which tracks, monitors and controls all claims in the Cash Back process. It is a sophisticated system with a direct interface to the bank and client login facility. To get through the maze of countries, the services and the rates where VAT or other taxes can be recovered we have provided various summarised VAT charts.

Our VAT services

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Simplify and maximise VAT recovery! A process which is otherwise complex and unpredictable.

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We can offer you a revolutionary solution to more easily recover your VAT on T&E expenses.


We provide expertise to minimise indirect tax costs for aircraft, operators and the aviation business.


Answers your VAT questions through one local contact person. Simple and cost efficient.