VAT Recovery on aviation


There are large sums of VAT charged between country boundaries – even in the air.  Cash Back provide a professional and worldwide indirect tax aviation program to airlines and other general business aviation operators.

Recovery of VAT and other significant indirect tax duties on, for example, jet fuel requires very specific tax knowledge and experience. Cash Back can help you through the different legislation for refund in the various countries on, amongst other things, ground handling charges, take-off and landing fees, repairs and on the recovery of fuel excise taxes called energy tax, MOT and Duties by refund or supplier credits (depending on local legislation).

This is regardless of whether you are a corporate flight department, aviation management company, provider of fractional ownership, aircraft manufacturer, passenger or cargo charter carrier, military contractor, air ambulance provider or aerial mapping, ferry and delivery firm.

Secure payment

Cash Back’s payment process is highly automated with a direct interface between Cash Back’s and the bank’s computer systems. Payment data passes electronically between the systems eliminating error and minimizing transfer times. Cash Back Payment Reports enable clients to match refund credits received with each claim made to meet client accounting practices. Cash Back’s payment track record is reflected in our long standing client relations and bank partnerships.

Good Working Practices

Cash Back have clearly defined and measurable performance standards which are specified in their contractually binding, internal Good Working Practices.


Cash Back Online is our in-house computer program which tracks, monitors and controls all claims in the Cash Back process. It is a sophisticated system with a direct interface to the bank and client login facility. To get through the maze of countries, the services and the rates where VAT or other taxes can be recovered we have provided various summarised VAT charts.

Our VAT services

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Simplify and maximise VAT recovery! A process which is otherwise complex and unpredictable.

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We can offer you a revolutionary solution to more easily recover your VAT on T&E expenses.


We provide expertise to minimise indirect tax costs for aircraft, operators and the aviation business.


Answers your VAT questions through one local contact person. Simple and cost efficient.